Harrison Ford Helps Woman After She Crashes Car Off the Highway

The Star Wars legend just saved a woman who had crashed her auto off of the California State Route 126 yesterday, hopping out of his vehicle to help the woman out to safety while paramedics were on the way.

Sources confirmed to multiple outlets that the woman was transported away from the auto crash scene with only minor injuries.

Senior Officer Matt Alonzo of the Santa Paula Police Department explained that the incident took place after a sedan rolled off of eastbound Highway 126 and hit a tree, USA Today noted.

Ford and others were able to help the female driver out of the vehicle, Alonzo said.

Harrison Ford as Han Solo
GETTYHarrison Ford said Han Solo is dead and won't be back in the Star Wars last instalment

Photos of Ford talking to first responders at the scene began surfacing online.

Harrison Ford was seen in Santa Paula helping out at the scene of a rollover accident Sunday, authorities said.

While Ford will no longer be appearing in the Star Wars franchise, the 75-year-old actor will be reprising his role in Indiana Jones 5 in 2020. He then landed his Aviat Husky, a single-engine propeller plane, on the taxiway of the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California.

Eyewitnesses told TMZ that Ford, who was driving at the time of the accident, saw the incident unfold and pulled over to help the woman behind the wheel get out of the vehicle. Earlier this year, Harrison was also spotted directing traffic in New York City when he was stuck in a jam at the entrance of a tunnel in midtown Manhattan.

  • Marlene Weaver