'I would NEVER' call Rocket Man Kim Jong Un 'short and fat'

He said he asked the Russian leader if he interfered in the 2016 U.S. election and received assurances from Mr Putin that he "absolutely did not meddle".

At a news conference in Vietnam on Sunday after his tweets, Trump said it was possible he could be friends with Kim one day and that it would be "very, very nice" but he was not sure that it would happen.

He called on nations to stop financing and trading with North Korea.

Trump also tweeted about what he said were the failures of the previous administration to improve relations with Russian Federation.

Trump has been working to rally global pressure against North Korea's nuclear weapons program on a trip to Asia.

"That might be a unusual thing to happen but it's a possibility", he said.

The revelation may have played a part in Trump's extraordinary offer of talks to the North Korean leader.

Shortly after that speech, North Korean officials told CNN, "We don't care about what that mad dog may utter", referring to Trump.

In a speech to South Korea's Parliament on Wednesday, Mr Trump warned Pyongyang not to underestimate the United States, while offering leader Kim Jong Un a better future if he gives up his nuclear ambitions.

Joseph Yun, Washington's top North Korean official, was reported by the Washington Post as saying last month that if the regime halted nuclear and missile testing for about 60 days, that would be the signal the USA needs to resume direct dialogue with Pyongyang.

North Korea has dominated Mr Trump's Asia trip so far to Japan, South Korea, China and Vietnam.

In September Kim described Trump as a "mentally deranged US dotard" whom he would tame with fire.

Town told ABC News that if Pyongyang conducted a test during or following Trump's trip, it would likely be with a Hwasong-14, what the US refers to as the KN-20 - a two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

President Trump said Saturday that he would never call North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "short and fat", after Kim's government slammed Trump as an "old lunatic" following a recent speech in neighboring South Korea.

"Ultimately, it'll all work out", Trump added. "I think we have to give it a couple of months, a few months, and then see what adjustments we might need to make".

"We want progress not provocation", Trump said.

  • Joey Payne