Trump calls for renewal of United Nations inquiry into Syrian chemical weapons

Diplomats in Turtle Bay predicted that Russian Federation would veto the USA measure, which would be the 10th time Moscow has employed this power to block action targeting its Syrian ally. "We don't know whether we can come to an agreement". After the council voted on the USA draft, Bolivia then requested that the body vote on the Russian text.

The Trump administration has urged the worldwide community to take a tougher stance on government of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, an ally of President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation.

The mandate for the joint inquiry by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which found that Syrian regime used the banned nerve agent sarin in an April 4 attack, expires at midnight Thursday.

Jaberi Ansari, for his part, said Syria's resilience and the consecutive successes it has achieved on the war on terrorism as well as the restoration of security to all the Syrian cities and areas would be a victory not only to the Syrian people, but also to the Iranian people and all other peoples who believe in their right to defending their countries, independence and sovereign decision.

A resolution requires nine votes to be adopted at the council, but five countries - Russia, Britain, China, France and the United States - can block adoption with their veto power.

"Let there be no doubt: we have unleashed a monster here", said Delattre.

On Tuesday, Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told reporters that the two superpowers were still negotiating.

"Russia is doing everything possible to prevent that from happening", he said.

The JIM experts also said they were "confident" the Islamic State extremist group was responsible for an attack at Um Hosh in Aleppo in September 2016 using mustard gas.

It remains to be seen whether the rival drafts can be reconciled and a way found to continue the JIM's work.

British UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft warned on Wednesday that if the inquiry ended: "The only victors would be people who want to use chemical weapons in Syria, which is the Assad regime plus Daesh".

"The United States hopes the Security Council will stand united in the face of chemical weapons use against civilians and extend the work of this critical group", the U.S. mission to the United Nations said in a statement on Wednesday.

Syria agreed to destroy its chemical weapons in 2013 under a deal brokered by Russian Federation and the United States.

  • Joey Payne