Trump says he'll consider sending NY terror suspect to Guantanamo

"Send him to Gitmo", Trump said.

Tuesday's attack in New York City also gave the President, and other Republicans, an opportunity to promote a counter-insurgency approach to criminal justice.

Trump said Wednesday that he is starting the process of terminating the program.

Khatami's tweet was eventually deleted, but not before critics pointed out the obvious. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., called on the president to treat the alleged attacker as an enemy combatant.

Trump considers Gitmo trial for terror suspect, ...

It could also open the door to military justice and transfer to the prison at Guantanamo Bay, something Donald Trump said he was willing to consider earlier Wednesday. Detainees have been held for years without being charged with any crimes, with former President George W. Bush assigning them the label "enemy combatants"-which negates any protections they would have under the Geneva Conventions".

"We also have to come up with punishment that is far quicker and far greater than the punishment these animals are getting right now", the president said.

"My administration is coordinating closely between federal and local officials to investigate the attack and to further investigate this animal who did the attacking", Trump said. "They'll go through court for years", Mr Trump said, adding that "what we have right now is a joke, and it's a laughing stock". But Sen. John McCain, perhaps Trump's fiercest critic in the Republican Party, argued for suspending the constitutional rights of the suspect in the NY case, saying that he "should not be read Miranda rights", as "enemy combatants are not entitled to them". "He's a terrorist, he should be kept there". Law enforcement authorities said the suspect in followed an ISIS playbook to carry out the attack.

The military commission system at the off-shore prison has been often beset by legal challenges and delays.

I think if we close the Guantanamo Bay prison we should move the prisoners to a detention center in Kalorama, the ritzy section of Washington where Barack Obama lives with a wall in front of his house.

Forty-one detainees now remain at Gitmo, though the facility hasn't accepted any new prisoners since 2008.

  • Joey Payne