Amazon may be creating a video sharing platform to rival YouTube

These trademarks were filed on the exact same day Google announced that it would remove its YouTube app from Amazon's Fire TV devices January 1. Firefox was in news recently after it claimed to have launched the fastest browser (here is our review.) A small detail in the blog also said that the Firefox can be used to launch popular video websites on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. A few weeks ago Google pulled their YouTube app from Amazon's Echo Show with no warning and now has announced plans to pull their app from the Fire TV. Amazon is apparently gearing up to match its steps with Google with a YouTube rivaling video service.

This streaming service would essentially be Amazon's latest weapon. Amazon and Google, which is owned by Alphabet, square off in many areas, from cloud computing and online search, to selling voice-controlled gadgets like the Google Home and Amazon Echo Show.

Then again, this could also just easily be Amazon's answer to YouTube's threats in their ongoing spat, TechCrunch notes. We will never know about their decision for now. But Amazon might be one of the only companies who can pose a threat to Google's streaming behemoth. However, the final build was made available for select users in November this year. Hundreds of thousands of major sites and services, including Netflix, Giphy, Slack, and Airbnb rely on Amazon Web Services, Amazon's cloud computing platform, for server capacity. Now, it seems that Amazon is planning to introduce its own YouTube-like service as the fight between the two giants intensify.

Given the "social media" specification in its filing, this service looking more similar to Spark.

In addition, Mozilla's Firefox browser will also be available on Fire TV devices.

A chance to promote its content, slight Google, and keep customers hooked on the Fire TV?

For some time now we have heard that Amazon is reportedly ramping up its digital video ad play in an effort to attract content produces from YouTube to Amazon.

  • Fernando Stephens