Apple's App Store Now Offers Pre-Orders: How It Works

Once the app is released, it will be automatically downloaded to a user's device if they hit the pre-order button.

Apple also informs developers pre-orders data will be reported in the Sales and Trends section of iTunes connect. They can make their apps available for pre-order up to 90 days prior to their launch.

A developer will now be able to put their app in the App Store up to 90 days in advance of its release, rather than only being able to publish their app when it's ready to launch. Let your customers know your app is coming by using the pre-order badges in your marketing materials. After preordering an app, you'll be notified on the official release date that the app is available to download. "It is my understanding that many small businesses, research organizations, and religious institutions rely on template apps when they do not possess the resources to develop apps in-house". The new feature is now only available for all new, unreleased apps and not for existing apps, which means updates to apps can not be pre-ordered. That changed with Super Mario Run a year ago which, for the first time, was offered as a pre-order. For paid apps, customers will be charged before download. Apps will have a "Pre-Order" label along with a tentative release date. This means even iOS, macOS and tvOS apps can be pre-ordered. Once the app is released, customers will be notified and the app will be automatically downloaded to their device.

The search will show featured Apple Store gifts that are ideal for the holiday season and the effect will stay with you while you browse. On the other hand, in case if you're pre-ordering a paid app, you'll need to make the payment for it right after pre-ordering. Also, in these three months, developers can add or remove features and just flawless their work.

  • Fernando Stephens