Bigg Boss 11: Hiten Tejwani reveal the real face inside The House

Definitely a game changer moment by Bigg Boss. With Vikas, Arshi and Puneesh going for Hiten, and Hina, Luv, Akash and Shilpa going for Priyank, the latter gets to stay and Hiten gets evicted. While everyone was expecting Luv Tyagi will be out of the house it came as a huge shock for everyone including Salman Khan.

In Bigg Boss 11 we have witnessed a series of confessions, spats and a few bonds of friendships, that have been tested on and off during the course of the show. Last Sunday, the eviction process got a twist with Salman Khan asking the nominated contestants Hiten and Priyank to enter a secret room and wait till the eviction. Hina and Arshi go in first and as expected, Arshi defeats Hina hands down while Vikas defeats Priyank. Shilpa honestly says that Hiten certainly was a threat to her ...

Diplomacy cut Hiten's journey short?

Next is Shilpa's turn to put forth her point of view after watching the BTS video. After Hiten's eviction, many TV stars took to Twitter and slammed Shilpa.

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But Shilpa turned the tables, for which Hiten fans are angry as Hiten had once saved Shilpa.

With Hiten's elimination, it will be hard to say who will be out of the house this week.

Watching the results of the above task, the host Salman Khan asks Akash that why he feels everyone is targeting him to which he quips maybe because everyone is jealous of him, and the host wonders what quality in his could make others jealous. So when will he play his own game? You are ousted because you are strong.

Sources in the Punjab Police said that they may have to wait till January 15 before taking any action against Khan but will follow court's orders on the same.

Shilpa said that she wasn't much surprised. "There's nothing to hide here".

Well, after Hiten's eviction, eight contestants are left in the game.

7 contestants get directly nominated for elimination by Bigg Boss after they are caught making plans for the nominations.

  • Joey Payne