Christmas celebrated with fervour in AP

All the churches are beautifully decorated and illuminated for the celebrations. Further, church groups are also conducting enactment of scenes from the life of Jesus Christ. But on Christmas Eve, shortly after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas published an open letter to Christians proclaiming an end to any Palestinian participation in an American-led peace process, celebrants were ready although the elements were not. Bishop called to visit the poor and needy and get the peace and happiness with celebration of Christmas, ' said Bishop.

Father Roy told Kashmir Reader that this year's Christmas celebration was more cheerful than the previous year's.

In his Christmas message, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan urged people to observe the day standing along with those who suffered in the cyclone. Yes, after literally months of decorations all around and breathless shopping trips, and endless requests from the young ones and all the parties, and the singing and the special events from churches and charities. after it all, this holiday is about that baby.

Christmas was also celebrated with traditional gaiety and fervour in Tamil Nadu, with believers thronging churches, including the famous Santhome Basilica Church here, for special prayers and mass. Christmas spreads the message of love and peace.

The devout filled the prayer halls as the priests delivered the messages. A large number of people, mostly non-locals, reached churches early in the morning to participate in the prayers.

Pastor Alvin Edwards
Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church Pastor Alvin Edwards

Governor ESL Narasimhan, Chief Ministers K. Chandrasekhar Rao and N Chandrababu Naidu have extended greetings to the people.

Furthermore, a private hotel here erected a 63-feet-tall steel Christmas tree using 1.2 tons of steel, built by 30 workmen over a span of seven days.

Markets in various parts of India have also begun selling Christmas-related decor, such as cut outs of Santa Claus, Christmas stars of various sizes and colour variants, fairy lights and so on.

Carols were sung between 7:30pm and 11pm.

The incident was caught in CCTV camera of the Baptist Church at Hawakana area of the town and it had also gone viral on social media with people condemning the incident which took place hours after the midnight service.

  • Joey Payne