CNN in Hot Water Over Erroneous Trump-WikiLeaks Story

An email that was sent to then-candidate Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump September 2016 pointed them to hacked WikiLeaks documents that had already been made public, according to a copy of the email provided to NBC News by Trump Jr.'s lawyer.

The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal threw cold water on the CNN story hours after it was published and noted it got the date wrong in its reporting about when the Trump campaign received the email about Wikileaks.

Trump Jr. told investigators he had no recollection of the email, but it was described to CNN by multiple sources and its existence was verified by Trump Jr.'s attorney. CNN said the email was sent on September 4, before the WikiLeaks release, but the copy of the email obtained by AP shows it was sent 10 days later.

That report, which ABC News has said was not fully vetted through its editorial standards process, was later corrected to say that Flynn was prepared to testify the instruction came while Trump was president-elect.

Just one month before, the hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee server were released.

Earlier Friday, CNN initially reported that Donald Trump Jr. and others in the Trump Organization had received an email on Sep. The panel's interview with Trump Jr. was supposed to be private. The correction undercut the main thrust of CNN's story, which had been seized on by critics of President Trump as evidence of coordination between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign.

A lawyer for Trump Jr said his client did not remember the email or act on it.

"This undermines the credibility of their investigation", Garten said, calling committee leaks unethical and reckless. The story suggested that the individual may simply have been trying to flag the campaign to already public documents.

But Trump used the erroneous report to bolster his argument that the mainstream media is biased against him and untrustworthy. Congressional investigators are looking into the email exchange.

The newly-discovered September 14, 2016, email was sent from a Yahoo account and signed by a person named Michael Erickson.

Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to criticize CNN for not fully retracting the story instead of correcting it.

Trump assailed CNN as he held a rally Friday night for embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and followed up with a series of tweets Saturday morning.

  • Joey Payne