IOS 11.2 fixes wireless charging, date crash bug and Apple Pay

An Apple support document explains that some devices would repeatedly restart on and after December 2, 2017 due to a bug that is related to local notifications. The bug was reported soon by the officials and the new update was soon released after realizing the issue. After issuing a final developer beta of iOS 11.2 to developers last night, Apple made a decision to take the highly unusual step of issuing iOS 11.2 to all iPhone owners to fix the crashing issues today.

Also included with this update is support for peer-to-peer payments with Apple Pay Cash.

Adds support for faster wireless charging on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X with compatible third-party accessories. While Apple has not revealed exactly when iOS version 11.2 will be arriving, many users have speculated on what the upcoming big update will include.

In smaller news, iOS 11.2 brings a couple of revamped emojis, new wallpapers, a new indicator at the top right of the lock screen to help you find Control Center and better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth indications.

To close down apps that are running in the background on most iPhones, you double-click the Home Button and then swiping up. A new bug discovered in iOS 11.1.2 is crashing people's iPhones at the strike of 12:15 am on December 2, according to several complaints from around the world.

Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch should automatically offer to upgrade you to iOS 11.2 at some point during the weekend.

I experienced this first-hand while upgrading my wife's iPhone 5s to iOS 11.2.

This week has been really bad for Apple. It also fixes a much-discussed issue with the calculator, which could previously be overloaded - and get incorrect results - if users punched in numbers too quickly.

-After updating, tap Settings Notifications and turn Allow Notifications on again for each app. It comes down to going into Settings Notifications and setting "Allow Notifications" to off for each app.

  • Fernando Stephens