Knife-wielding man prompts Dutch police to open fire at Amsterdam Airport

A Dutchman wielding a knife was shot by military police on Friday at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport and taken into custody, an official said.

Amsterdam airport has been evacuated amid a bomb scare, reportedly one person has been arrested.

The airport's crowded entrance plaza, where trains arrive underground to arrivals and departures halls, was briefly evacuated, Tom Goemans, a spokesman for Schiphol, said.

No other injuries were reported.

In a tweet, the Marechaussee police said "the situation is safe" and the man has been detained and removed from the scene.

Dutch police evacuated the worldwide airport, 9km west of Amsterdam, after the man threatened to use the knife.

One of the military policemen takes up a position behind a pillar as he moves in on the suspect.

Heavily armed military police, wearing body armor and ski masks, patrolled Schiphol for four hours while the man's bags were checked.

The motives and the condition of the suspect remain unknown, but local media report that he had been acting aggressively and broke a window.

Video shared on social media shows a man being taken out of the airport on a stretcher. Authorities said it was not being treated at a terror incident.

The airport and Schiphol Plaza are open to the public.

In a tweet the airport said a small part remained closed and that air traffic was not impacted.

  • Wendy Palmer