Salvation Army short on holiday donations

As of Wednesday evening, the Salvation Army had handed out gifts to over 300 families. The funds are also used to help the Salvation Army's social services department, which includes the food bank and angel tree and back-to-school programs. That's Christmas presents for almost 1,200 kids!

"There are a few people in the community who do have a long history with the Salvation Army, who have at some point been helped or who helped others and now have fond memories". Families who need groceries or toys have all been helped.

Donations to the Salvation Army are doubled from now until the end of the year under a matching program funded by businesses and others in the community, most of whom remain anonymous.

The homeless, addicted, families in need are all given hope by the Salvation Army. Many volunteers came out to help give parents and children their gifts.

Earlier this month Wausau Salvation Army Lieutenant Donna Thammavongsa told WSAU News that if her organization falls significantly short they will have to take several drastic budget cutting measures.

A steer was donated by Tommy Bolack to the Salvation Army of Farmington and will be included in the special Christmas dinner food boxes being distributed this week, according to a Salvation Army press release. Leaders say it isn't just about the money, it's about what they can accomplish with it.

Birt said today didn't have to be the last day to focus on helping those in need.

Each year across the nation, nearly 3.3 million people of all ages volunteer their time, talents and resources to assist The Salvation Army's work.

  • Wendy Palmer