Canadian Man Fools Police with Fake Car Made of Snow

After a storm Monday, Simon Laprise, 33, made a decision to construct a auto out of snow. It's illegal to park on the street during snow removal, which is probably why the police officers showed up to check out the situation.

A Canadian man's snow sculpture has fooled local police who thought it was a auto parked in a snow removal zone.

Naturally, since this isn't a real vehicle, we're not entirely sure what it's a replica of, but we've included a photo of the real DMC-12 below for comparison's sake.

Laprise tells Buzzfeed Canada: "I did the auto to have fun expressing my creativity on that lovely day", he said.

It took the creator 4 hours to sculpt, but it had the desired effect. He placed a real windshield wiper on the vehicle to make it look as if everything but the wiper had been covered in snow, according to the news station.

A confused policeman stopped to see if it was real, as cars aren't allowed to be kept in a snow removal zone in Canada.

The police apparently enjoyed the prank, writing in a ticket to Laprise in French that read, 'You made our evening'.

  • Joey Payne