Fifth Harmony Alum Camila Cabello Freaks Out Over Elton John Compliment

Well, yes and no.

Be sure to check out the "Havana" hitmaker's eponymous debut solo album dropping January 12! It's not surprising that it was the most unique song in her arsenal that made her a star for her music, not famous for being part of a purported feud.

Amusing thing, though. As she worked on the album past year, buoyed by the success of her collaborations "Bad Things" with Machine Gun Kelly and then "Havana" with Young Thug, the questions didn't seem important any more. Isn't it the prima donna who breaks off from the pack? The Healing. The Loving, but the Times story confirms it was changed so that Cabello could officially wash her hands of 5H drama. As for if and how long she can claim the number one spot after her full album comes out tomorrow is still to be determined.

In his interview, John revealed that he was a fan of the former Fifth Harmony singer and admired her music. Maybe the meek will inherit the earth, or at least the post-split mantle, after all.

Fifth Harmony has continued as a quartet and released their self-titled third album a year ago.

Album standout Into It is a delectable slice of Carly Rae Jepsen Lite, as Cabello playfully coos over punchy synths and hi-hats, beckoning, "I see a king-size bed in the corner, we should get into it".

The I Know What You Did Last Summer track, which was a hit around the world, led her to become frozen out, she claims, by some of her bandmates.

Cabello is at her peak on the new single "Never Be the Same", which shows off what sets her apart from the pop pack.

"Never Be the Same" proves that Cabello doesn't need a mammoth voice. The moombahton-inspired She Loves Control and Inside Out are similarly euphoric and flirty, taking a page from the tropical-house craze that has all but engulfed pop radio in the latter half of this decade.

The singer said it soon became clear that she couldn't balance her solo endeavours whilst remaining in the group, and made the hard decision to break away from the band to pursue her dreams.

  • Joey Payne