Google Play Appears to be like Set to Supply Audiobooks Quickly

The banner reads "Audiobooks are now on Google Play". Further reports also indicate that the move is expected to rival Amazon and its long list of retailers in the audiobook market. With audiobooks coming soon, the Google Play Store will expand its media offerings, which now include apps, TV show, movies, music, and digital books.

"Tonight a banner has appeared on Google Play for most users which simply states that audiobooks are now available on Google Play". According to 9to5Google, a banner displaying the arrival of the audiobooks was spotted in the Books section of the app market.

Play Store may soon have a dedicated section for selling Google audiobooks. The banner seems to be appearing for not only the web but also the Google Play app from within the Android smartphone.

The link to it now does not work, though that could change very soon.

From that banner we can also see that a 50% discount on the first title that you Audio Book purchase you make on Google Play may come with the launch. However, the section is not live yet and there is no specific mention of when the content will be available for purchase for the masses. It might also mean that not all countries would have access to the new segment from the start.

Android Police uncovered the feature in the code of the latest version of Google Play Books, so it's looking like Big G has already implemented the infrastructure; it should activate it by flipping a switch on its end - and that could happen at any given moment.

The Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage models, meanwhile, now do not support Audible, as confirmed by Audible's help center.

Amazon now dominates the market, however, with its ownership of Audible, but it appears Google is about to make a big push back. It said that audiobooks and ebooks will be divided into separate tabs.

  • Fernando Stephens