Government sets up Carillion task force

"I am determined that collectively we will take the steps necessary to give workers and businesses the information they need at this hard time".

The Government is setting up a national task force to support businesses and workers affected by the collapse of construction and outsourcing giant Carillion earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Nationwide building society has said it will take in-house jobs which were performed by Carillion.

The head of Britain's GMB union, who met with business minister Greg Clark on Tuesday, said the government needed to allow more time for the 8,500 workers it estimates are now vulnerable.

Afterwards, he said United Kingdom lenders were ready to give "tailored support" and flexibility when it came to repayments.

The trio will waive fees and suspend loan repayment for firms struggling with cash flow after losing money in the wake of Carillion's demise.

"The measures launched today will ensure these small businesses have the financial support they need to get themselves back on track".

But soldiers based in Windsor might have had a few moments of anxiety when they saw news of the company's collapse, as the doomed company was under contract to provide "cleaning, catering and similar services" at both Combermere and Victoria Barracks.

The lender will also take over contracts arranged by Carillion, which provide employment for another 1,500 workers.

It held about 450 governmental contracts, spanning the education, justice, defence and transport ministries.

Infrastructure firm Carillion collapsed on Monday when its banks pulled the plug, leaving the government to step in to guarantee public serviced provided by the company ranging from school meals to roadworks.

  • Wendy Palmer