Hot air balloon crashes in Egypt, 1 tourist killed

A~tourist has been killed and seven others injured when a sightseeing balloon crashed over the southern Egyptian city of Luxor.

The crash was caused by strong winds that led the driver to lose control over the balloon as he was landing, according to the governor's statement.

A health ministry spokesman said that two of the wounded were in serious condition.

There were no details yet on the nationalities of the injured.

In 2013, 19 people majority Asian and European tourists, died near Luxor when a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed after a mid-air gas explosion.

It came four years after 13 foreign tourists were injured when their hot air balloon struck a communications mast in Luxor and crashed.

The balloon plunged 1,000ft into a sugar cane field.

Luxor has suffered a series of hot air balloon accidents.

Since then, balloon rides have been monitored by cameras and banned from flying above 2,000 meters.

  • Joey Payne