House Passes Extension of FISA Surveillance Act Bill, What's Next?

"This bill also provides new, rigorous measures to protect Americans' privacy and to ensure the program is used properly to target foreign terrorists, weapons proliferators, and other threats to Americans' safety and security". Then Trump weighed in with a pair of tweets that upended things even more.

On Tuesday, the White House issued a statement of support for the bill, saying that Section 702 "is vital to keeping the nation safe" and that reauthorizing the bill before its expiration "is a top priority of the administration".

Section 702 does not allow officials to spy on Americans or people in the states, but "the FISA Amendment Act allows the government to collect data from American firms, such as Google or Microsoft". "The government will use this bill to continue warrantless intrusions into Americans' private emails, text messages, and other communications".

Here's a White House statement from last night, opposing an amendment that would restrict intelligence surveillance under FISA.

It is unclear what the dossier has to do with unmasking or the reauthorization of the spying programme, but Trump has been repeatedly denouncing it in recent days.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi asked Speaker Paul Ryan, a Republican, to cancel the vote after Trump's tweets, a senior aide said. "The Senate must allow real debate and amendments, and not push this legislation through in the dark".

The House approved the legislation 256-164 with support from Democrats and Republican leadership to extend the program for six years.

The bill the House was scheduled to vote on Thursday would reauthorize for six years the government's powerful Section 702 authority to collect the emails and other communications of foreign targets located overseas from USA companies.

Sanders said Trump was simply expressing some of the broader concerns he has about the FISA surveillance system and she rejected suggestions that the President's initial tweet set off an effort to correct the record and reassure Republicans on Capitol Hill.

Ryan said in another instance, the surveillance allowed US officials to thwart a 2009 attempt to blow up New York's subway system.

Napolitano claimed during the segment that Trump's "woes began" because the Obama administration supposedly conducted warrantless surveillance of the Trump campaign - although he presented no evidence to back up this claim. "We need it! Get smart!" he wrote.

WELNA: But fellow California Democrat Zoe Lofgren said some civil liberties protections that were added fell far short of what's needed.

  • Joey Payne