Instagram Will Now Add "Recommended" Posts

Recent reports have revealed that Instagram has quietly introduced a new feature in their app, which introduces posts liked by the users' followers in their feed.

This isn't the first time that recommended content has been pushed forward by the Facebook-owned company.

Instagram revealed that the new feature will not get in the way of accounts you specifically follow and will instead reveal itself when you've seen all the posts on offer on your feed from people you follow.

Instagram is starting to roll out recommended posts directly into users' home feeds, according to TechCrunch. Instagram users would have to select the "Explore" section in order to view all the recommended posts on the platform.

The injection of recommended content is a fairly big change for Instagram's feed - perhaps one of the largest since the switch from the chronological feed to the algorithmic one, or the introduction of ads. This is nearly the same as the new "Explore Feed" that was launched by Facebook. They can only temporarily hide the recommended posts.

Recently, Instagram has been focused on broadening access to posts and content beyond accounts that users follow. "Hiding" the posts will not permanently remove them from the main feed but it will hide them until the user has gone through all of the posts from accounts they are actually following.

But unlike the hashtags feature, which is opt in (as you choose if you want to track hashtags and, if so, which ones), you can't really disable the new recommendations. This is done by tapping the three-dot menu above the post, then tapping on "Hide". In early December, the social media platform rolled out testing for their "Recommended for You" section.

Instagram says the feature, which is available on both iOS and Android, is now rolling out.

  • Joey Payne