Integral Memory to launch first 512 GB microSD card

Yes, you heard that right! In the meantime, a different company beat both SanDisk and Samsung to being the first storage device maker to announce a 512GB card.

The 512GB microSD card will hit the shelves in February. It also comes under microSDHC/XC Class 10, UHS-I and Class 1 specifications and meets Video Speed Class 10 (V10) specification as well. But Integral's transfer speeds are slightly slower, with a maximum of 80MB/s compared with SanDisk's 100MB/s. These cards aren't just to use on your smartphone.

That would be one hell of a storage boost for a device, granted it supports microSDXC.

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With transfer speeds of up to 80 megabytes/second, Integral Memory's card isn't quite as fast as the SanDisk Ultra's 100 MB/s. But storage continues to get cheaper every year, so microSD cards of similar capacities will probably be widespread after a few years. As a result, what would seem absolutely unbelievable only a few years ago is now possible: a 512 GB microSD card was recently revealed, becoming the biggest microSD ever created.

Memory cards continue to play an important and essential role alongside the gadgets we buy.

There is always an issue with memory on our devices.

At the time of writing, Integral's 512GB microSD card has no retail price yet, but it's safe to assume it will cost a pretty penny. The final confirmation about its pricing is yet to be released by the company.

  • Joe Gonzales