Lawmakers Urging AT&T to Cut Remaining Ties to Huawei

The proposed bill also prohibits US government agencies from entering into a contract with a company or entity that uses them "as a substantial or essential component" of their functions.

At issue are long-simmering concerns that Chinese technology makers will allow their government to install technology that could spy on U.S. users. Furthermore, Senators and House members are also pressuring AT&T to end its collaboration with Huawei on standards for its next-generation 5G network.

Another is using handsets made by Huawei by Cricket, the discount subsidiary of AT&T.

The trade war works both ways: Google and Facebook have always been banned from the China market. "This accords with the joint interests of both", he told a daily news briefing in Beijing.

Neither of the companies offered official statements, but AT&T did tell Reuters that it's yet to make a decision on 5G suppliers.

LAWMAKERS are said to be trying to get telecoms giant AT&T to quit all commercial ties with Chinese electronics firm Huawei for reasons of national security.

Huawei has consistently dismissed such fears, and said it puts the privacy and security of its customers as its top priority.

In 2011, the two companies were the subject of a report from the House of Representative's Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which recommended that the USA government be prohibited from buying Huawei and ZTE products, as well as continued vigilance, investigation, and legislation to address the concerns.

"The next wave of wireless communication has enormous economic and national security implications. China's participation in setting the standards and selling the equipment raises many national security issues that demand strict and prompt attention", Michael Wessel, a member of the U.S.

Reuters/Philippe WojazerA man walks past a logo during the presentation the Huawei's new smartphone, the Ascend P7, launched by China's Huawei Technologies in Paris.

Lawmakers do not want China Mobile to be given a license to do business in the United States, Reuters cited the congressional aides as saying. Last fall, Best Buy and Office Depot said they would no longer sell antivirus software made by Russia's Kaspersky Lab after the USA government banned federal agencies from using its software because of the company's close ties to the Kremlin and Russian intelligence.

  • Joe Gonzales