Nissan Xmotion Concept "Signals Design Direction for 2020 and Beyond"

Nissan's head of design, Alfonso Albaisa, said "It draws inspiration from the Japanese aesthetics and techniques ... and achieves the modern purposefulness required for drivers in the near-future era of connected, autonomous crossover vehicles".

To accommodate the third row of seats, the XMotion has a retractable rooftop box.

A more extreme look than the IMx Concept we saw in Tokyo a year ago, the Xmotion SUV gets jarring angles on every surface, a new take on Nissan's Boomerang lights and V-Motion grille, and a set of alloys which look like something from Mad Max.

The Nissan Xmotion concept, which is pronounced "cross motion", is meant to preview the next generation of Nissan's crossover lineup. It is the finest combination of Japanese and American cultures in the form of unbeatable technology.

Nissan made a splash yesterday on the first day of the 2018 Detroit Auto Show with its new Xmotion SUV concept.

The tires on the Xmotion Concept are physically laminated onto the 21-inch wheels, making them one piece.

The cabin continues the adopted styling, offering space for six persons on three rows of two seats each, while a floating console is running through the center of the cabin. Down the back, the Xmotion's tail-light design, which uses hologram technology, was inspired by the detail and warmth of Japanese kumiko woodwork.

The doors open jaw-like, with the aperture sans centre pillar to reveal an equally-dramatic interior with three rows of side-by-side individual seats.

Japanese cedar is also used on the lower half of the dashboard with the top half featuring a cockpit-spanning multimedia and instrument cluster screen, while the centre console uses a tablet screen in place of buttons and a gear lever. Meant to act as a virtual assistant similar to Siri, the digital Japanese koi fish inside the Xmotion concept swims across the panoramic screen encompassing the entire dashboard.

From the side, the Xmotion adopts a U-shape to its body panels, which Albaisa explains "presented a big challenge in changing from one surface to another while keeping the shape". The Xmotion Concept also includes the latest generation of Nissan's Intelligent Mobility technology.

For now Nissan says it has no plans to put the auto into production, and it is just a "design study". It's all unlocked - and the engine started - by fingerprint, and the external mirrors are replaced by cameras.

Seven digital screen segments dot the interior, too, and each screen as well as the infotainment system "can be controlled by gestures and eye movements", according to Nissan.

  • Rosalie Stanley