Philadelphia doughnut shop makes greased pole doughnut for Eagles fans

"We're the only chef-player combination that has made it to every one of the 27 Super Bowls the night before at the "Taste of the NFL" event, Houston said".

Whether or not its football team wins its first Super Bowl, Philadelphia public schools now stand to gain a little something out of the big game.

And while many expected Bud Light to squirm out of the deal, that doesn't appear to be the case. Though the fans, of course, found a way around the slippery substance, one doughnut shop in Philadelphia is paying tribute to the greased poles that Philly fans love to undermine.

".if we win a Super Bowl, I'm giving out beer to everybody", Johnson said during training camp. Johnson responded at the time, tacking on the necessary clinking-beer-mugs emoji at the end.

Bud Light may have thought the odds of the Eagles winning the Super Bowl were so slim, offering the team and their fans all the post-game beer they'd need would be a safe bet.

Well, Bud Light got wind of this and stepped in, tweeting "the party is on us" if the Eagles win it all.

Now, according to CBS Philly, the brand is seriously preparing to have to make good on its promise.

While it would likely be quite costly, it's a smart marketing play by the Bud Light folks. Bud Light's ads featuring a medieval king, queen and their subjects raising their beers in an enthusiastic toast have been all over television for the past six months. And free beer should the Birds beat the Pats might just have everyone (over the age of 21) raising a toast.

  • Rosalie Stanley