Police find 745kg of cocaine stashed inside South American pineapples

Nine gang members alleged to have transported the drugs from Latin America were arrested.

The operation was led by two Colombian brothers who had laboratories located near the Spanish capital of Madrid.

News reported that the raid came following a long standing investigation between Spain and Portugal. Police finding these illegal fruits in shipping containers is the conclusion of an ongoing investigation by Spain and Portugal that began back in April 2017.

The Spanish Interior Ministry said in a press release that the cocaine was packed in a cylindrical manner, covered in yellow wax to appear as if made of the fruit, then covered by previously emptied out pineapple skins.

Authorities reportedly also seized 400,000 Euros, or about $500,000.

According to police officials, those arrested would acquire the drug in Barcelona and later store it inside secured housing in Terrassa.

"This organized global group had repeatedly brought large quantities of cocaine to the European continent", Portuguese investigators said in a statement.

Incredibly, this isn't the first time pineapples have been used to smuggle some blow across the Spanish border. Organizations in both Central/South America and North Africa transport their products by sea to the Iberian peninsula before taking them on land the rest of the way.

  • Aubrey Nash