Trump to meet lawmakers in search for immigration compromise

But the two sides remain at loggerheads on a key point: Democrats what a separate deal to save protections for young immigrants brought to the country illegally, while Republicans want it attached to a bill involving increased border security measures and Mr Trump's promised wall dividing America from Mexico. NumbersUSA, a top immigration control group, said that Trump's focus on border security and giving a lower priority to changes to immigration law was glossing over a top issue to his supporters.

"I think it's a mistake to think of the border wall as a standalone", Cornyn, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, said Monday.

When Trump indicated he would agree to that, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said border security would have to be part of the package, prompting Trump to say that's what he thought Feinstein meant, and then a flurry of clarifications. "And if there's other elements that have to be included in a broader deal to get signed into law, this is a foundation for that conversation". "If they come to me with things I'mnot in love with I'm going to do it". DACA has become a bargaining chip as Congress moves closer to having to pass a spending bill or shut down the government.

His concern is about efforts by Trump and some congressional lawmakers to include issues not related to immigrants brought into this country by their parents as children who were covered under the program Trump scuttled in September.

House Republicans said they planned to soon introduce legislation to address border security and the young immigrants.

When I wrote earlier this morning that an immigration deal was possible, I didn't realize that President Trump was about to host a White House meeting on the very subject. "In order to secure it, we need a wall".

The goal of the White House meeting was to discuss how to reach an agreement between Democrats and Republicans, while still accomplishing the President's push for a wall along the United States border with Mexico and other changes to the United States immigration system - something Democrats widely oppose.

He also called for an end to "chain migration" and to the green card lottery system. That's $33 billion that you, and I, and everyone you know, and everyone you don't know in this country paid into taxes because we actually believed that by paying our taxes this country was going to take care of is, and instead Trump wants to spend 33 billion of those dollars on a border wall that will literally do absolutely nothing to solve the fake problem that he believes exists.

But then a few minutes later, Trump said DACA could come first and reform could come down the road, or immediately after.

But immigrants' rights activists concede any eventual DACA agreement will need Trump's support to make it palatable to Republicans.

  • Joey Payne