Trump 'unlikely' to submit to interview with Robert Mueller

President Trump is downplaying the possibility that he'll take part in an interview with FBI investigators.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll found 48 percent of respondents said special counsel Robert Mueller will exonerate Trump in 2018 while just 37 percent said it was not too likely or not at all likely Trump will be cleared of any wrongdoing related to Russian interference.

Mueller is investigating alleged collusion between Trump's presidential election campaign and Russian Federation.

Later in the press conference, Trump told reporters he thought it was "better to work with Russia" on matters of worldwide import - like North Korea - but said that his actions on energy development, as well as rebuilding the USA military, weren't policies that would earn him any praise from the Kremlin.

President Trump speaks during a news conference with Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway in the East Room at the White House on Wednesday.

CNN reports that Trump used the phrase "no collusion" seven times in a single answer to Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts, calling his use of the phrase a "virtually Pavlovian" response to any mention of the Russian Federation probe. Comey said in a statement last summer that although Clinton's behavior had been "extremely careless", the bureau would not recommend criminal charges be brought against her. "Republicans should finally take control!" "But when they have no collusion, and nobody's found any collusion at any level, it seems unlikely that you'd even have an interview". "We need the wall for stopping the drugs from coming in", Trump said when asked if he would sign a bill that didn't include funding for the wall.

In addition to his comments during that news conference Wednesday, Trump took to Twitter to deny the existence of any collusion. He said there had been "no collusion" and "no crime".

Trump has often invoked Feinstein on the collusion issue.

Trump has derided the dossier as a politically motivated hit job.

Q&A Who is running the Trump-Russia investigations? Whether that's true depends to some extent on how you view things like Papadopoulos's awareness of incriminating emails collected by the Russians or Trump Jr.'s responding to the pitch for dirt on Clinton from the Russians with "I love it" - and then sitting down for the meeting. Asked about Trump's tweet, she brushed off the idea that the release had anything to do with her election.

Earlier, the commander in chief criticized Sen. Richard Burr. Neither senator would comment on the meeting's goal.

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