We Used Google Arts & Culture App To Find Rapper Painting Look-Alikes

Google's app, one of many from the internet giant, is created to introduce the world to fine art, but a feature that's not prominently displayed now allows users to take a selfie, and compare themselves to works of great art.

Essentially, the app allows users to take a selfie, upload it and then match it with a doppelgänger in one of several art museums worldwide.

Have you ever gazed at your face in the mirror or browsed through your hundreds of selfies and asked yourself, "I wonder if I look like any work of art somewhere in the world?"

Of all the mobile Google apps out there, "Arts & Culture" had undoubtedly been among the software giant's lesser-known apps. It's now no. 1 on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Here's what you need to know about it. It's also very shareable.

Various people expressed concern that Google was using the app to hoover up information about people's faces, and use those pictures for other purposes. Google has told some news outlets that the feature is experimental, so don't take things too personally if it matches you to a Picasso painting. Download the app or update it to the latest version if you haven't yet then go to the "Is your portrait in a museum?" section. Tap "GET STARTED" to, well, get started.

Agree to let Google analyse your photo.

Grant permission to your camera and photos. Prima, a photo-editing app, shot to fame for turning images into paintings, complete with strokes of an artist's brush. The results also show the percentage of the match. Unsurprisingly, this new functionality has taken the internet by storm, receiving a lot of attention on social media over the weekend.

  • Fernando Stephens