New And Improved AirPods Could Be On Their Way

A new report suggests Apple may release new versions of its popular AirPods wireless earbuds in 2018 and 2019. The new feature could come as early as this year, as the new Airpods, now internally referred to as the B288 model, could come with the second generation W2 chip which debuted in the Apple Watch last year. As per a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple is readying an AirPod with a deeper Siri integration and water resistance. The report tallies with the previous report from the Apple Post that launch will occur sometime in March.

Apple's first AirPods landed alongside the iPhone 7 and since then have been selling like crack cocaine ever since. The tech company has previously teased a wireless charging case in 2017 and this might see the light of day in 2018.

Sources told Bloomberg that Apple is looking at upgrading its AirPods with new hardware features.

Apple has some big plans for their Airpods this year.

Apple is reportedly on track to release its AirPower charging unit later this year, according to a report from MacOtakara (which we first saw via 9to5Mac). The report also hints a that the device is expected to get launched in the month of March, as expected with previous reports. Apple will apparently incorporate an upgrade wireless chip in the device.

With the Airpods doing pretty well as of lately, placing them on an similar update cycle as other Apple devices makes flawless sense.

It's also been rumored that Apple is planning to launch a new version of its AirPod headphones.

However, when they say water resistant, they mean for the headphones to survive splashes of water and rain, not full immersion in water. The Apple Watch on the other hand can be submerged in waters of a certain depth.

AirPower will charge several devices at once, but at what price?

The Airpods may be equipped with the new W2 chip that was first introduced with the Apple Watch a year ago.

  • Joe Gonzales