Notorious vows to return to the octagon

McGregor spoke out about his offer to fight on short notice after Dana White claimed in an interview with TMZ Sports that the superstar may never fight again due to the astronomical sums of money that he made past year for his boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather. He is 21-3 with 18 victories by way of knockout in his 24 career UFC fights. It's nearly as if White was enjoying toying with the media and refusing to give them answers to their questions (isn't that what press conferences are for?).

We expect a response from McGregor in no time. Despite the uncertainty, White says that he hopes McGregor will face the victor of the UFC 223 match between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson. Cut lines to titles and 90 (percent) of the time fight people in your comfort zone.

"It's not for interim title", White told TMZ Sports.

As the old saying goes, "Dems fighting words!"

So, what's next for McGregor?

Despite his determination to return to the octagon, many believe that he is still more interested in a money-spinning rematch with Floyd Mayweather under MMA rules. He found McGregor's timing "funny" because, as he sees it, "the Notorious" has done everything in his power not to fight the Tom's River native up until now.

McGregor's coach John Kavanagh has laid out a scenario where a third McGregor-Diaz match-up plays out on New Year's Eve. It's bound to be one of their biggest nights in history when it eventually does happen. To the UFC boss, the fight is possible, but it won't happen in the boxing ring again.

Perhaps it's an outside bet for McGregor's return, but the talk of a throw-down with the UFC's welterweight champion Woodley hasn't gone away. McGregor spoke with TMZ and told the site, "I am fighting again". But for whatever reason, McGregor has essentially dismissed both of those men as competitors. He went on to add he personally reached out to the UFC after Holloway's injury withdrawal at the end of 2017, only to be told by the promotion chiefs they can not even get McGregor to fight in his own weight class.

Dana White is the UFC President and he claims that UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor understands the situation surrounding the UFC 223 main event.

Earlier this month, Mayweather tossed up a fake pic of himself banging up McGregor MMA-style.

McGregor's comments this week, though, suggest that he's definitely keen to come back.

  • Rosalie Stanley