Pakistani man who murdered, raped 7-year-old girl sentenced to death

A court in Pakistan has handed down four death sentences to a man charged with raping and murdering a young girl, in a case that shocked the country and sparked major riots in his home district.

The court will announce the verdict in his presence.

The prosecutors said he received further life imprisonment and fines totalling 3.2 million rupees (RM112,500) for additional charges of hiding the victim's body. However, he demanded for a public execution of the convict. "In this context he was correctly sentenced to death", he added.

Later, the court provided the suspect with state counsel to complete the trial proceedings.

The trial court had concluded the proceedings within four days.

Ali was handed death sentences for kidnapping, rape, murder and an act of terrorism, as well as a life sentence for sodomy. In case of default, the convict will face more six months of jail term. In addition, he has been sentenced to seven years in prison for leaving child's body in a dumpster.

Zainab went missing on January 4 in Kasur, Punjab.

Earlier, the Punjab police showed its conventional behaviour and didn't bother to investigate the matter.

The authorities formally accused Ali on 23 January, having taken DNA samples to 1,150 people in area.

The gruesome assault in Kasur town, located a short distance from the border of India, led to the setting up of a special task force which traced the rapist, 24-year-old Imran Ali, using DNA samples. He was then matched with the sketch made by the department concerned.

Currently, Section 364-A of the PPC reads "Whoever kidnaps or abducts any person under the [age of 14] in order that such person may be murdered or subjected to grievous hurt... or to the lust of any person [sic] shall be punished with death".

On February 8, the physical remand was extended for two days, as the IO contended that they wanted to take the case to its logical end.

The verdict was announced by ATC Judge Sajjad Ahmad at the Kot Lakhpat Jail, where Imran Ali was held on remand.

Nonetheless, the prosecution chose to submit all its evidence to court so that the case remained airtight.

  • Joey Payne