Trump signs budget deal, bringing end to second shutdown of 2018

But some House Republican conservatives, like Paul, have criticised the bill's deficit spending.

"We have Republicans hand-in-hand with Democrats offering us trillion-dollar deficits", Paul said on the Senate floor Thursday night.

For the hundreds of thousands of "Dreamers", the deal means that they their fate now rests on the hope that the Republican Senate leadership will honor the promise they gave to Democrats - to allow a floor debate and vote with the goal of finding a solution to the DACA issue.

The Senate had already approved the bipartisan spending legislation that will extend funding to the government through March 23 and boost disaster aid funding by around $90 billion for Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico that were battered by hurricanes a year ago.

The Senate voted early Friday morning, before sending the bill to the House where its future was less certain.

"I can't in all good honesty, in all good faith, just look the other way just because my party is now complicit in the deficits".

Senate Republicans said Rand Paul was right to criticize oversight of government spending before the passage of the new two year spending bill.

McConnell said the deal includes increases of nearly $300 billion for defence spending and domestic programs, $80 billion-plus in disaster relief and raises the debt ceiling. This is the second government shutdown in three weeks.

Essential government functions will continue regardless.

President Donald Trump is calling on both parties to support the deal, tweeting: "The Budget Agreement today is so important for our great Military".

US Senator Rand Paul forced a temporary government shutdown on Friday to lecture his GOP colleagues about fiscal responsibility, but the lesson they took away was probably not the one the Kentucky Republican intended. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who staged her own, eight-hour talk-a-thon against the bill on Wednesday to draw attention to the plight of DACA recipients, said she would oppose the deal unless Ryan committed to vote on legislation in the House addressing their plight.

It also extends the USA government's borrowing authority until March 2019, sparing Washington politicians hard votes on debt and deficits until after mid-term congressional elections in November. He predicted Ryan would lose 60 to 70 Republican votes when the budget deal comes to the House floor.

Yesterday, Pelosi stopped short of whipping opposition to the budget deal, telling members of the Democratic Caucus to "do what you want to do" on the vote, according to Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.), who attended a closed-door Democratic meeting late yesterday afternoon.

Once known as the party of fiscal conservatism, the Republicans and Trump approved a sweeping tax overhaul bill in December that will add an estimated US$1.5 trillion to the US$20 trillion national debt over 10 years.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that the agreement was "a genuine breakthrough" and addressed other Democratic priorities although Senate Democrats have shelved their strategy to use the budget fight to obtain immigration concessions and extend protections for the so-called Dreamers. No. 3 House GOP leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana says Republicans still disagree about "how to handle this number of people that Barack Obama encouraged to come in here illegally".

"I think this has been a very useful debate", Mr Paul said shortly before the vote. "Give us a vote", she said.

"This package can not have my support", she said.

  • Joey Payne