Trump Vows to Push Comprehensive Background Checks and 'Raise Age to 21'

"These people are cowards".

The President also said he would be in favor of raising the minimum age for buying certain guns to 21, and expressed hope Congress would act on the issue. "We're going to get it done", Mr. Trump said. We must not let them down.

Cruz was a former student and was expelled from the high school for disciplinary reasons.

"This would only be obviously for people who are very adept at handling a gun". A poll released this week by ABC News/Washington post says 42 per cent of Americans believe teachers with guns could have prevented the Florida shooting. "But we leave some animal to walk into a school". A gun-free zone, to a killer, or somebody that wants to be a killer, that's like going in for the ice cream. "Very strong emphasis on the mental health of somebody, and we are going to do plenty of other things".

"9/11 happened once, and they fixed everything", he said. "They live for gun-free zones".

But at least one of those who attended blasted back, telling Trump that most school shooters were suicidal and wouldn't be deterred by the thought of being shot dead.

Ashley Kurth, a Republican teacher who protected more than 60 people in her classroom, questioned Rubio about Trump's proposal to arm teachers. "I think it's insane, I think it's very bad for children". I don't like it. "How do you think that makes me feel?" So practically for free, you have now made the school into a hardened target. Trump listened intently to ideas from about 40 people, including those from six students who survived the Florida shooting.

"There's no ... middle ground of having that institution where you had trained people that could handle it and do something about it", Trump said.

Wayne LaPierre, vice-president and CEO of the National Rifle Association, said Thursday that reactions like Weingarten's are expected after mass shootings. "Too many instances, and were going to get it done". "And like Mr. President said, if you could find 20% of maybe retired law enforcement officers, or a teacher who could go through discreet training to carry a firearm around his waist, it could've been a very different situation", Hunter Pollack said.

Trump then added that he "saw the devastation in these families". "At the same time, we will continue to oppose gun control measures that only serve to punish law-abiding citizens", NRA Spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said in a statement.

  • Joey Payne