Winter Olympics 2018: Canada scores mixed doubles curling victory against United States

If one of the players goes down or can't play, the team has to forfeit the game.

This is the first time the Olympics have featured mixed doubles, a form of play that has been part of the world championships since 2008. "That game, it was just a couple key misses here and there that really turned the ends around".

The Canadians scored three in the fifth end to grab a 5-2 lead over the Hamiltons before the USA team replied with one in the sixth and stole another point in the seventh when Lawes nicked the guard on her final throw. For instances, there are only eight ends per match, instead of 10; there are six stones per end per team instead of eight; and matches usually only last 90 minutes.

The duo had little experience playing mixed doubles together prior to winning January's trials - a competition where they rebounded to qualify for Pyeongchang after losing three of their first five games. Teams at the world championships have been composed of husbands and wives, siblings like the Hamiltons, fathers and daughters and even a grandfather-granddaughter team from Kazakhstan, said Derek Brown, the USA Curling Director of High Performance.

"I'm not anxious about the mixed doubles", McWilliams said. With so many rocks in play there is usually a lot of scoring and every end can be critical to the final outcome. "They're respectful. They cheer when they're supposed to and are quiet when someone's delivering".

Does she think the fans in Korea understand the difference between mixed doubles and regular curling?

"I've got more of a bruised ego than a bruised tail bone", he said.

The similarity between Matt Hamilton, 28, and the most well-known fictional Italian plumber - whose full name is Mario Mario - was first spotted by an Olympics viewer Wednesday night.

The Green Bay Packers fans said they do their best to emulate quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Complicating matters is how rulings are made in curling.

"I was pretty devastated, and at the same time really proud of her", Matt said. "He'd have to hit me up and ask me to help him".

Jenny Perret, who will compete in mixed doubles and also is an alternate on the Swiss women's team, is the only other curler working double duty. After posting the second-best record of the round robin at 5-2, they went on to beat John Shuster and Cory Christensen twice in two days to book their ticket for South Korea.

"Fifty hours on ice", said Matt.

"I probably could", his sister shot back.

Added Matt, "If you're good, you're good".

In the image above, you can see the red stone in the middle is up against the yellow stone.

  • Wendy Palmer