American Idol 2018 Starts Tonight On ABC

Is it necessary? Was it missed?

Not fooling around!' As we get closer to the real deal I can nearly feel that we're going to be able to voice our opinions, ' he said, before adding the fighting words: 'I'm bringing my mace!'

He has the benefit of dominating any conversation by just casually mentioning his tenure with the Commodores, his work with Michael Jackson, or that time he wrote "All Night Long (All Night)". Yet the music is just starting, and, if nothing else, ABC's determination to bring back "American Idol" is emerging as the most intriguing programming ploy of the current season. To those who might think that may I remind you about brutal this show can be. ABC doled out big dollars to land "American Idol", and then tapped the cash boxes again for new judge Katy Perry ($25 million per season) and returning host Ryan Seacrest ($12 million).

At first, the show seems to be aspiring to be a marginally better version of itself, but ends up stumbling, falling into its old behaviors.

You feel that Richie's speaking from brutal experience, peddling an image of the music business that feels much harsher than the "live your truth!" shiny musical dream that the whole foundation of American Idol indulges.

American Idol took an intermission after its 15-season run on Fox TV. For example, he is not there before and after every audition.

Seacrest has repeatedly denied the accusation against him, and "Idol" producers have spoken in his defense. Hardy replied that she would not if she was able to keep her job.

"We wanted judges with credibility, who knew what they were talking about, were huge successes in their own right, who were articulate and who generally cared about the contestants", executive producer Trish Kinane told reporters in January.

Perry laughed off the shortcoming: "I can't [name someone], because this is the first season of "American Idol". "The Voice" became one of NBC's most popular shows by focusing on its superstar judges instead of the contestants.

The mocking isn't coming from an acerbic British judge, or from any of the judges, but from the producing and editing. In this first episode, we meet potential contestants from New York, Savannah, Los Angeles and New Orleans.

The days of William Hung are not over for American Idol.

Here's how bad this subgenre of reality TV has been for ABC: The network's most successful singing competition spent most of its life on another network, MTV.

New judge Lionel Richie jokingly told ET in November that judging alongside Katy Perry and Luke Bryan felt like teaching Kindergarten - and he wasn't kidding. How about some more R29 goodness, right here? In the premiere, they don't fully articulate their concerns, but they are concerned, even if that doesn't always affect their ultimate decision.

"I really enjoyed meeting you today", said Perry. They even give themselves credit for doing that, another dig at The Voice, though an entirely earned one.

Now, like a high-priced free agent touted as the savior of a struggling sports franchise, "Idol" will attempt to reverse 18 years of low-rated and ill-fated history for ABC with regard to music shows. "We're here to really find a star and, if someone isn't a star, we delicately help repurpose them on the path that's going to be good for them". "It was special", Perry said while trying to let her down gently.

Luke Bryan reported it's fun for him.

  • Marlene Weaver