Apple could be in heaps of trouble because of rising iPhone prices

We hope that Apple might go on to find out a new way so as to include the Pencil support in the lower-end iPads, so as to support art as well as other graphic works on the iPads in schools.

My guess is that a $100 premium for the iPhone X Plus over the iPhone X is the most likely pricing scenario.

Lin also states that Apple planned on launching an LCD version of the 5.8-inch iPhone. A new report now suggests that the iPhone X with the smaller 5.85-inch display will be a lot cheaper than the current iPhone X and it's said to pack OLED display itself.

Apple has changed the name of "Books" in the fourth beta release of iOS 11.3, reverting the name of the iPhone and iPad e-reader app back to its former identity of iBooks after just over a month.

Nothing has been officially confirmed by Apple, but the launch of one or more of these three new products would make sense.

Apple is rumored to be kicking off trial production of its three anticipated 2018 iPhone models in late Q2 2018, a bit earlier than a year ago.

Apple's latest flagship iPhone X has been the most expensive device from the company ever. The analyst claims that the manufacturing bill of materials will be more than ten percent lower this time. However, the project was suspended "mid-February and may be eventually terminated". But there's still no confirmation as to when will Apple employ its own displays on its iPhones. While this could have led to price increments, the report claims that Apple has already reached an agreement with Samsung Display "with satisfactory terms". A 6.1-inch iPhone featuring an LCD screen that has an iPhone X-like design is also reportedly in the works.

One of the issues with the current iPhone X display - a flaw that's inherent to the iPhone X's display type - is that when the screen is viewed off-axis, there is a dramatic color shift.

Lin said the next 5.85-inch OLED iPhone could be the cheapest of the three upcoming iPhones also because some of the phone's recent engineering samples have adopted components with low-level specifications and lower capacities than those on the bigger 6.5-inch and 6.1-inch models. While Apple may be operating its MicroLED facilities in secrecy, in Taiwan first, and now in California, MicroLED tech isn't exactly a secret, and Apple isn't the only company working on the future of screens. Then again, it won't be a true successor of the iPhone X.

  • Fernando Stephens