Chargers impressed with Louisville QB Lamar Jackson

"I'm a quarterback. I don't know anything about the rest of it".

"I'm not going to be a wide receiver at all", he added.

But he is a freak athlete and scrawnier than a mobile quarterback like Cam Newton so rumors have emerged that he could forced to play wide receiver in the NFL.

He was bubbly and fun and often amusing Friday, like when he said of whether the wide receiver talk was disrespectful: "Yeah, that's insane, I thought I did a good job at quarterback". "I've just got to show off my arm 'cause that's where they're doubting me", Jackson said, joking that he feels "like [New Orleans's] Drew Brees" after widening his throwing stance. "I just have to show off my ability, yes sir".

Someday, the Chargers will have to make a move at the position - and it could be Jackson ... or Rudolph or someone else.

"I've been working on that a lot during my process - working on my accuracy", he said.

Jackson said any Wildcat packages also fall outside of acceptable role, joking that "this is not the Dolphins with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams". "I'm not going to be a wide receiver at all tomorrow [during workouts] - quarterback position". And I decided I don't need him.

There was a time when African-American quarterbacks who weren't traditional pocket passers routinely were turned into wide receivers, but that was, as Cross noted, a while back. "No pressure with me".

Third, a good agent will advise the player on whether and to what extent to engage in Scouting Combine activities, and whether and to what extent to engage in pre-draft team visits and private workouts. If Brady plays 5 more years, that's fine, maybe Jackson could use 5 more years until he is ready to lead an National Football League offense. but still get on the field a few times a game in the meantime.

"I feel like Drew Brees now", joked Jackson about his newfound stance.

Jackson's passing percentage has also been called into play, yet his 59.1% completion rate in 2017 was superior to Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen's 56.3%, yet Allen, who's being touted by some as the potential No.1 overall pick, is being fawned over as the next Carson Wentz. Getting a starting job will be hard, the result will have many teams seeing him as a backup or a project.

"I finished the regular season with a 60 percent average", said Jackson who completed 57 percent of his passes over three seasons at Louisville. "I think that would be great, especially in my situation, coming and learning from somebody who has been successful at that level, just trying to learn the ins and outs of the game and what they have done to be successful". I lead my team. I love to score. I'm not going to be at wide receiver at all tomorrow. I'm not a ball hog, at all. If you look at film, I notice that myself.

  • Rosalie Stanley