Drake and Twitch streamer Ninja set new Twitch record playing Fortnite

Now, in case you've forgotten what exactly a "Hotline Bling" emote might look like (but honestly, how could you, with the 6 God's dance turning into a worldwide meme), check out this fan-made Fortnite-infused Drake video. So basically, there's an online platform called Twitch, that's dedicated to live-streaming videos of people playing video games.

Drake jumped on a Twitch stream Wednesday evening with prominent streamer, "Ninja". Some streamers earn money as they play, through a combination of ads, sponsorships, merchandise sales and paid subscribers. Drizzy took to Twitter to let fans know he would be hitting the controllers with Ninja, and quickly, the number skyrocketed on Ninja's stream of the game. In the multiplayer "Fortnite: Battle Royale" game, Drake and Ninja were joined by rapper Travis Scott and National Football League player JuJu Smith-Schuster. What a team. What a superb collection of talent. The stream, understandably, did insane numbers setting the record for the most concurrent viewers ever, peaking at just over 635,000.

Fortnite players, however, now have their eyes set on a new feature of a different sort. Despite not reaching the 1.1 million concurrent players that watched the Eleague Major: Boston tournament, it is still highly impressive for a personal stream.

This much has been confirmed by a recent blog post from Epic Games, with the company having chose to host its Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am in Los Angeles during E3 2018. According to TMZ, Fortnite's planning to have a celebrity "Party Royale" game with hundred players split between fifty celebrities and fifty pro gamers. Ninja almost fell out of his chair during a stream when he realized that Drake was following him.

The Canadian rapper also discussed why he thinks Fortnite is so popular; part of the appeal is developer Epic's commitment to releasing new content, Drake said.

  • Fernando Stephens