Farage Says EU 'Bullies' Are 'Hypocrites' for Attacking Trump's Steel Tariffs

Mrs May, who said on Monday it was "highly likely" that Russian Federation was behind the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, also won support from Britain's main European allies and the European Union, which denounced the attack as "shocking" and offered help to track down those responsible.

The EU parliament approved a text that says Britain should, among other things, not be able to cherry-pick benefits of the EU market in any agreement on future relations, AP reports.

He also defended an European Union proposal for the bloc to continue to regulate trade in the British province of Northern Ireland after Brexit, should no other ways emerge to avoid a hard border between that territory and the country of Ireland.

"I recommend that we keep a close eye on the regulatory divergence, this dumping", he said, warning that it could become a key obstacle if Britain wants to get a smooth exit from the EU.

The European Parliament - which will have the final veto on any Brexit deal - will vote on Wednesday on a proposal to offer Britain an "association agreement" which it says would be broader than a trade deal.

Britain intends to leave the EU's single market and customs union, which suggests the need for border controls somewhere.

EU Council President Donald Tusk has also put draft negotiating guidelines on the table that will be discussed at a March 22-23 summit, when the 27 leaders are set to adopt an outline for future negotiations.

German companies are still preparing for a range of outcomes to the negotiations between Britain and the European Union, including the scenario of a hard Brexit in which no agreement was reached, Lang said, adding that next week's European Union summit would be crucial.

"You can not be part of our agencies without the legal commitment to apply European Union law and the jurisdiction of the court of justice", Barnier said.

UKIP MEP and former party leader Nigel Farage finds that outrageous.

The latest warning comes just days after the business assotiation claimed both Germany and the United Kingdom would lose £61billion without a new customs union.

"There was this Mansion House speech by Ms May, but it was mainly repeating the red lines that we know already", he said, adding that it was time to move beyond "slogans" and "sound bites".

"But you should not simply discard the idea of a customs union".

  • Wendy Palmer