Households warned to use less water due to shortage

Some areas are worse hit than others, but people are urged to use a little water as possible to help things get back to normal.

Steve Andrews, South East Water's Head of Central Operations: "We would like to apologise to our customers from right across our region of parts of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire who are without water or have low pressure and reassure them that we are working around the clock to resolve the issue".

Homes in Scotland were affected, with ongoing bad weather slowing down fix works.

"A yellow warning is now in place and both weather and driving conditions remain challenging."Severn Trent apologised to customers in the Rugby area who had no supply".

The company has been inundated with messages from customers and many took to Twitter to say that their complaints had not been answered.

A Tweet from the water supplier said: "We're sorry to customers in Ashford Lenham who are waking up to no water this morning".

Severn Trent have apologised, saying that they are trying to divert supplies and bring water into affected areas in tankers.


"We are putting as much extra water as we can into our local networks and fixing leaks and bursts as quickly as possible", it said.

The company also asked customers to make sure no taps were left running and for businesses to check their premises for any leaks. Outside taps are especially vulnerable to freezing temperatures and bursts may not be obvious.

Customers have expressed frustration on social media, and criticised the company for not providing more convenient access to water.

Suppliers in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, as well as the North West, Yorkshire and the South West, also warned of shutoffs thanks to burst pipes following the recent freeze and thaw.

"When the ice melts away the holes in those pipes will be exposed, causing a leak and, in extreme circumstances, flooding".

In Hampstead, people without water can collect bottles from the No 1 Pond Car Park, on East Heath Road, NW3 2RJ.

Burst water mains caused by a thaw in Britain's freezing temperatures closed a Jaguar Land Rover vehicle plant in central England on Monday and left tens of thousands of people without water.

  • Joey Payne