Iowa Family Reportedly Found Dead Inside Mexican Condo

Family and friends are mourning the loss of an Iowa family of four who were found dead Thursday in a condominium in Mexico after going missing.

Mexican authorities said there was no trauma to the bodies.

"The Sharps have been located".

"If you have any information (last contacted, resources, or ANYTHING!) contact the family ASAP!" said Ashli Peterson, a relative of the Sharps, in a Facebook post late Thursday night that was shared hundreds of thousands of times. News reports quickly followed, also noting that foul play was likely not a factor. "Out of respect for the family during this hard time, we have no further comment". She said the Sharps had last been heard from March 15.

The family of four was found in the condo they rented in a tourist complex in Tulum, Mexico.

Autopsies are being conducted in Mexico, police said.

Kevin Sharp and his wife Amy, along with their son Sterling, 12, and daughter Adrianna, 7, were found dead in their condo while on vacation in Tulum, Mexico.


When the Sharp family didn't show, relatives filed a missing person's report.

A family relative wrote the following statement on Facebook.

The Sharps' family members made a decision to wait for the last flight from Cancun to St. Louis to arrive on Thursday in case the Sharps had just planned to stay an extra day, Weland told ABC News. However, nobody heard from them after that, and they did not make their flight from Cancun to St. Louis.

Cousin Jana Weland told CNN that the Sharps arrived in Tulum on March 15 and were due to return on Wednesday March 21. "This family is an instrumental part of our Southwestern family, and we are all grieving their loss". I consider them pals. According to police there were no signs of foul play, American news outlet KCCI reported. The U.S. State Department was called along with officials in Mexico. The Quintana Roo state prosecutor's office said there were "no signs of violence were found on the bodies or in the room".

Emergency situation authorities mosted likely to the family members's condo after they can not board the trip from Cancun to locate the dead bodies. Medical examiners in Mexico are working to determine the precise cause of death, and Peterson said that US authorities are present at the site of the medical examination.

It's unknown when they will be returned to Iowa.

"We didn't start putting two and two together until ... now", she said.

The Creston News Advertiser reports the family flew to Cancun, Mexico, on March 14. "That is the last communication she made".

  • Joey Payne