Jaguar reveals the new all-electric I-PACE SUV

Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design, said: "Since revealing the I-Pace Concept in 2016, we have been counting down to this moment". The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace SUV is based on a concept first shown off in 2016 yet as Digital Trends highlights, the I-Pace manages to retain numerous sleek lines that made the pre-production version so appealing.

The battery is placed centrally between the two axles, and as low down as possible with a seal between the housing and the underfloor.

The I-Pace's rakish design isn't just for show and offers remarkable aerodynamic performance thanks to its low bonnet, considered roof design, curved rear window and squared-off rear end.

The I-Pace is driven by Panasonic Jaguar Racing's Mitch Evans, while the Teslas have former IndyCar champion Tony Kanaan behind the wheel.

Jaguar says the cabin features sophisticated materials, including the option of a premium textile Kvadrat interior, as well as "exquisite attention to detail". Combining know-how and heritage, future I-Pace owners will know that their interiors will be more than an iPad bolted on to an empty dash, and that their vehicle comes gimmick-free. It will also allow the SUV to be agile in curves while still providing a comfortable ride, Jaguar said. The dimensions position the I-Pace in the midsize European crossover segment, at 184.3 inches (4,682 millimeters) in length, with a wheelbase of 117.7 inches (2,990 millimeters) and fitting neatly in between the E-Pace and bigger F-Pace, closer to the larger sibling.

Can the £65,000 I-Pace really beat the Model X?

The I-Pace, expected to be in United Kingdom customers' hands by the summer, combines grace, pace and space with battery electric power for Jaguar's first dedicated EV.

Acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour is quoted at 4.5 seconds, although future performance versions will likely improve on that number. As for charging the batteries, with 30-minutes charge giving about 128kms range while it takes 85 minutes to charge from 0-80% based on 50kW chargers. I-PACE will be fully compatible with 100kW chargers as the technology is rolled out across the United Kingdom, which will enable a 0-80% charge in 40 minutes.

Judged under the upcoming worldwide harmonised light vehicles test procedure (WLTP) - a tougher alternative to the New European Driving Cycle test for EVs - the I-Pace can achieve a range of up to 298 miles on a single charge.

The infotainment system includes a sophisticated sat-nav system that gives accurate electric range predictions by assessing topography and previous driving behaviour, along with "Smart Settings" technology that uses artificial intelligence to match the car's settings to driver preferences.

The auto also supports Amazon Alexa, which will be linked to the Jaguar InControl Remote application and owners will be able to ask an Alexa-enabled device for information.

Canadian pricing will be announced later this month. Prices start from £58,995 in the United Kingdom, once the £4,500 government grant for ultra-low emission vehicles is taken into account. A special First Edition model will be available for only the 2019 model year.

With all that in mind, the I-Pace isn't going to be everything for everyone.

  • Joe Gonzales