North Korea and South Korea to talk next week

True, while Trump inherited from his predecessors a very fragile relationship with North Korea, what further raised his administration's concern has been North Korea's continued efforts to develop its nuclear capabilities.

A ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of department rules, said there are no immediate plans to bring in American strategic assets such as aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines or supersonic B-1B bombers during this spring's training. "We must completely resolve the issues of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula and establishing peace through these upcoming talks and others that will follow", he added.

Gallucci headed the U.S. delegation for negotiations that led to the 1994 framework agreement to freeze North Korea's nuclear program. He also offered to stop his missile and nuclear tests.

Analysts say the North is carefully watching to see how events - including the US-South Korea military drills - play out before making them public to its people.

-North Korea talks would be what nuclear disarmament steps Kim would promise in return for what concessions from the United States and whether Trump would accept them.

The Kim-Moon talks are expected to lay the groundwork for a summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and his North Korean counterpart expected to take place by the end of May. In fact, his decision was guided by many factors.

Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini said Tuesday that North Korea denuclearization was not on the table.

The team of government officials and experts arrived in Pyongyang via Beijing on Thursday for a three-day stay to check two venues for an art group's performances slated for March 31 to April 3.

South Korea's capital chose to take radical step to fight its workaholic culture and reduce the amount of hours people work. Subsequently, Kim also invited Moon to North Korea for a talk.

This time, it will be shortened by South Korea and the United States despite President Donald Trump's planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Views expressed are personal.

The author is a Visiting Fellow at National Chengchi University, Taipei.

  • Joey Payne