Pentagon memo provides details on Trump's military parade: No tanks

However, a Pentagon memo declared the parade to be excluding tanks in order to lessen the impact inflicted on roads.

The procession - meant to be a fearsome display of American military might - will roll down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capital to the White House, according to a memo obtained by CNN that was sent by the Pentagon to the the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, giving initial guidance for the parade.

The Joint Staff will reportedly oversee the planning of the procession, while Northern Command, which oversees US troops in North America, will carry it out. "But the generals would love to do it, I can tell you, and so would I", Trump told Fox News last month. The Veterans Day date means the parade will happen less than a week after election day, a day some have predicted will bring a "blue wave" of Democrats into office.

"The memo says the parade will integrate with the annual DC Veterans Day parade and focus on the contributions of USA veterans from the Revolutionary War to today 'with an emphasis on the price of freedom, '" CNN reported. Two months later, while making remarks at the United Nations, Trump said he was actually looking into staging a Fourth of July parade, noting again that he had gotten the idea after watching the Bastille Day event. After attending the grandiose event Trump thanked the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, for the invitation in a tweet and included a video of the parade.

Trump should be surrounded in the reviewing area at the Capitol by veterans and Medal of Honor recipients, the Pentagon memo said.

The letter, dated Thursday and addressed to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gives guidance for planning "a military-themed Veteran's Day Parade" in Washington on November 11. We've been putting together some options. There are also plans for soldiers to wear period uniforms dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Trump has frequently touted his support for the USA military and placed high-ranking generals in top White House and cabinet posts.

  • Joey Payne