Ronda Rousey to face Triple H, Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania

Her friend Shayna Baszler, another MMA fighter who with Rousey and two others were known as the "Four Horsewomen", is now in WWE's developmental promotion NXT.

HOT ROD Why has Ronda Rousey made tribute to Roddy Piper in WWE, and who sings her theme?

After slamming Triple H threw a table, his wife raced to his side and delivered a slap across Rousey's face before scampering away.

Rousey's segment kicked off with her banter with RAW commissioner Stephanie McMahon, WWE COO Triple H, and RAW general manager Kurt Angle.

It caused Angle to reveal what Triple H and McMahon really had planned for her after their encounter with her and The Rock at WrestleMania in 2015, where she judo flipped Triple H and twisted McMahon's arm.

Absolution was eliminated first and Sasha Banks and Bayley forged an alliance to take on Bliss.

Aside from the traditional men's Elimination Chamber match, WWE fans also got to see the women in the enclosed structure for the very first time.

The record for the most eliminations in the history of the Chamber is held by Chris Jericho at 10, followed by Triple H at seven, The Undertaker at six, and a newly found three-way tie between Randy Orton, CM Punk and Strowman.

By signing with WWE, Rousey will be in a match at WrestleMania but her opponent has not been announced.

Of note, Asuka still has not cashed in her Royal Rumble victory declaration to say who she'll be facing at Wrestlemania, so even if she loses, she can still switch brands to SmackDown and challenge Charlotte - or force her way into Nia Jax's match and make it a Triple Threat.

Both men are likely headed to a singles match in the near future, but what this means for Strowman's WrestleMania plans remains uncertain.

  • Rosalie Stanley