Sam Nunberg: 'I'm not going to get sent to prison'

Nunberg also said he thinks President Trump "may have done something during the election" based on the questions Mueller asked him and that former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had likely colluded with Russians meddling in the 2016 election.

Sam Nunberg first worked for one of Trump's businesses and later helped advise Trump's presidential campaign, but he was sacked in August 2015 amid reports that he posted racially charged messages on Facebook. They want me to say that Roger was going around telling people he was colluding with (WikiLeaks founder) Julian Assange.

"Why do I have to do it?"

Sources told the NYT that McGahn had to remind Trump that he had asked for the special counsel to be sacked.

Nunberg: Well, I have not had a drink.

"I made my point, I got my venting out", he said.

Nunberg, who was sacked from the Trump campaign in 2015, repeatedly complained about the extensive legal fees he has been faced with and criticized the president for prompting the investigation in the first place. "He's too smart for that", Nunberg said, confirming private testimony that Schiller gave past year.

"I think your family wants you home for Thanksgiving, and I think you should testify", she added. At the wheel: "former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg".

He told MSNBC he thinks Trump "may have done something during the campaign".

His change of heart comes after a series of freakish interviews in which he declared he'd sooner be arrestedthan appear before a grand jury this week.

He said he would not cooperate with Mueller's "witch hunt" and that he did not believe he would go to jail for defying Mueller's subpoena.

Though he won't go before the grand jury, Nunberg said he had previously been interviewed by Mueller's team, which is investigating Russian collusion with Trump's campaign during 2016.

White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she wouldn't weigh in on Nunberg's decision to refuse the subpoena because he never worked at the White House.

The subpoena was for Sam Nunberg to turn over thousands of emails between himself and campaign officials and Roger Stone. "And then I'll laugh", he said numerous times on MSNBC.

MSNBC's Willie Geist questioned whether others will be willing to accept the risk involved with working for the Trump administration. During his last interviews with TV channel NY1, Nunberg called the press secretary a joke and referred to her as unattractive. Trump may very well have done something during the election with the Russians.

"But that's not relevant, the person she works for has a 30 per cent approval rating".

  • Joey Payne