Trump applauds Orange County on sanctuary cities

Trump's justice department has since sued the state over its three laws - Senate Bill 54 or the "California Values Act", Assembly Bill 450 or the "Workplace Raid" law and Assembly Bill 103 or the "Detention Review" law - arguing that they are unconstitutional.

SB 54, which took effect on January 1, prohibits state and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities and inquiring about an individual's immigration status.

President Donald Trump Wednesday morning offered his support for Orange County residents and public officials who are opposed to California's controversial sanctuary state laws.

Trump's intervention will encourage the revolt in Orange County, a traditionally conservative area that Hillary Clinton carried narrowly in the 2016 presidential election.

It has been estimated that 65 percent of all deportations are the result of cooperation between state and local law enforcement and federal officers.

The board of supervisors of Orange County voted unanimously on Tuesday evening to join the Trump administration's lawsuit challenging the law.

De Leon said the "efforts to portray hardworking immigrants as criminals are a repulsive, black stain on California's history".

Outside the meeting room, several dozen immigrant advocates played music and held signs with slogans such as "Set Our People Free" and "Melt ICE" to urge supervisors not to join the US lawsuit against California.

He said the "flow of illegals" had "brought down our quality of education", as well as health care and housing, complaining that millions came to claim benefits in the United States. About a dozen people wearing American flags and holding signs reading "Support Our Constitution" cheered when supervisors voted to condemn the state's law. "Will you be able to do that?" America is a country of immigrants, but we are legal immigrants.

Comparing the incident to an oft-used refrain by immigrant rights advocates who complain that deportations separate immigrant families, Robinson told the board: "Kate's family is forever separated from her".

"'This is in response to SB-54 limiting our ability to communicate with federal authorities and our concern that criminals are being released to the street when there's another avenue to safeguard the community by handing them over (to ICE for potential deportation),' Orange County Undersheriff Don Barnes said". "Our constitutional republic depends on following the rule of law".

The Arizona law required police, while enforcing other laws, to question the immigration status of people suspected of being in the country illegally, made it a crime to harbor immigrants here illegally, and banned them from seeking work in public places.

The Democratic-leaning city sued the USA government in February, after the Justice Department sent it a letter demanding it hand over documents to prove it was complying with a federal law that requires municipalities to share information with immigration officials about inmates housed in local jails. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Deputy Director Tom Homan welcomed the move and said the agency continues to seek to cooperate with local law enforcement who want to assist.

Supervisor Shawn Nelson bristled at some of the criticism from immigrant-rights activists, declaring, "I am not a racist".

  • Joey Payne