Apple Health Records launches out of beta with 39 health systems

After facing criticism over the revelation that it was deliberately slowing down iPhones to save battery life, Apple on Thursday started rolling out iOS 11.3 update that gives users more control over the battery performance.

iOS 11.3's main new feature is the new battery management features. The new version has a slew of additions, including new Animoji characters for the iPhone X, improved ARKit for more advanced augmented reality, and the ability to turn off processor throttling for iPhones with aging batteries inside.

Apple also announced a Business Chat feature in iOS 11.3, which enables users to communicate directly with businesses such as Lowe's, Discover, Hilton and Wells Fargo from within the Messages app.

The update also includes new information about your iPhone's battery health.

This new kit now allows apps to use vertical surfaces like walls and doors to place AR objects on. Till then, enjoy the new iOS 11.3 update. If that feature is on, you'll be given the option to turn it off - though CNET notes that it will automatically reactivate if your phone does begin to turn itself off due to battery health issues. We have made a list of new things added to the iOS, let get right to it. A new "Business Chat" feature lets users communicate directly with businesses right within the Messages app. "Business Chat" will be available in beta in the United States and top businesses in retail, finance and hospitality will begin rolling out this new messaging feature for customers. That solution has finally arrived now that the final version of iOS 11.3 has been publicly released.

Apple imagines these new skills will allow you to view virtual exhibits in museums and interactive movie posters.

To view your battery information, go to Settings Battery Battery Health (Beta). Previously, tvOS 11.3 had been expected to include AirPlay 2, which would sync playback of audio files across multiple HomePods and Apple TV, but it ended up not making it into the update. The Health Records data is encrypted and protected with a passcode that reduces the chances of it being misused. Users will now be able to animate a lion, bear, dragon and skull.

Much like Facebook Messenger, which has been enticing businesses for years, Apple's new service lets users chat directly with companies using iMessage. Though this prevented crashes, iPhone users weren't pleased that Apple took this step without telling them. You will be able to download the update by clicking My watch and then General, then Software Update. At the same time, Apple is also planning to launch a new website that will make it easier for customers to access and correct the data the company holds about them, as well as simplifying the process of deactivating or deleting accounts.

  • Joe Gonzales