Bodies of Indians killed by IS in Iraq to be flown home

None of the 39 Indians, killed by Islamic State terrorists in Mosul in 2014, were registered with any embassy in the Middle East, indicating that they had gone there with the help of illegal travel agents.

According to reports, one of the dead bodies did not completely match with the DNA sample.

The Minister had earlier said that she will not consider them dead unless there was proof in this regard, rejecting lone survivor Harjit Masih's claim that the captives were shot dead. Of the 39 Indians killed, 27 belonged to Punjab.

A special aircraft carrying the mortal remains of 38 Indians killed in Iraq arrived at the Amritsar International Airport today. According to the sources, foreign companies now working in Iraq and Syria don't advertise in Indian newspapers after Centre put a ban on travelling to Iraq in 2004.

The female Turkish citizens had surrendered to Kurdish Peshmerga forces previous year after Iraqi security forces and pro-government fighters from Popular Mobilization Units, better known by the Arabic word Hashd al-Sha'abi, recaptured the northwestern city of Tal Afar, located 63 kilometers west of Mosul, from Daesh Takfiris.

The opposition has attacked the government and Sushma Swaraj and accused them of misleading the nation on the state of the Indians. Singh said that chemicals were used for matching DNA and opening of coffins could harm them.

"We do not recruit people for Iraq but continue to get job queries from the unemployed men from Punjab". "This is not a game of football, both state and central govt are sensitive governments, MEA had asked the families for the details of their members who can be given jobs etc, we will review", said Singh. A government campaign, backed by the US-led global coalition, was launched in 2016 to retake IS-held regions, managing to retake all havens, most notably the city of Mosul, the group's previously proclaimed capital.

The Congress was quick to pounce on the minister, who is also a former army chief.

  • Joey Payne