Delivering Packages Directly to Your Car

The in-car service requires fewer protections than Amazon's in-home delivery service, which requires customers to have an internet-connected front door lock and security camera to deter any shenanigans by a courier once they're inside. The service uses the connected and smart vehicle technology already installed.

Amazon already wants to leave packages in your home when you aren't there with Amazon Key, and now the company is expanding that to your auto. The app will then speak to Amazon's cloud, which will speak to Volvo or Chevrolet's cloud, which then will unlock the trunk.

Users will need to download the Amazon Key App.

Services like OnStar and On Call have had the power to remotely unlock cars for years, which comes in handy when drivers panic after realizing they've locked themselves out of their vehicles. For model year 2015-2017, Volvo offers a free 1-year subscription to Prime members, and for model year 2018 or newer, Volvo offers a free 4-year subscription.

Another customer said it helped him keep personal and business orders separate by giving him another delivery site. The service is available to Amazon Prime members in 37 United States cities.

The service is called Amazon Key In-Car. The initial launch, beginning today, will span 37 cities. At checkout, a new option appeared for "in-car delivery".

An ambitious criminal can also purchase a blank key fob and key programmer, which would allow him to easily and inconspicuously steal the vehicle.

There are also limitations on which vehicles are eligible for in-car delivery.

The second delivery was on a Saturday, and it was then I could really see the value. The company's main aim is to create the fastest delivery system on the market and that, as it happens, includes the cases when you are not in the comfort of your home.

On delivery day, park your vehicle within two blocks of the delivery address in a publicly accessible area. Customers can track when their auto was unlocked and relocked via the app's activity feed; they also have the ability to rate the in-car delivery. "No special codes or keys are ever provided to delivery drivers", the release said. Once the driver is confirmed to be at the right place with the right package, the auto is unlocked.

The day of the delivery, the driver is sent to the address you gave for the auto. In addition, you can only do vehicle deliveries near one of your delivery addresses - for example, home and work. While you door can be opened only when an Amazon driver has a package to deliver, your personal space is open and visible to a stranger, even if only briefly.

  • Fernando Stephens