Kanto Week in April arrives with new Shiny hopes

Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region will be seen in Pokemon GO more frequently starting this afternoon.

If you are unaware of what is going to happen in the world of Pokemon Go then you have to rely on random data-miners on Twitter and Reddit who go on telling you about what they have found in the new updates.

It appears that the next Pokemon Go event will include all the Shinies from Generation 1: dataminers are reporting that all Gen 1 Pocket Monsters now have shiny 3D assets within the game code. Data Miners like Chrales have been gathering information since the game came out and it tells us soon we will get a ton of new Shiny Pokemon in the game. For the next few days, Niantic is holding Kanto Week, an event celebrating the classic Red and Blue versions with increased spawn rates for some Gen I Pokemon and other bonuses.

This is potentially in conjunction with a new Kanto region event for the game, which was also leaked, earlier today.

So Niantic now have the opportunity to release whichever of the original 151 Pokemon they think should have a Shiny moment this week. Moreover, as players encounter and catch these Kanto region Pokemon, players will be rewarded with double candy for "all actions" meaning that players could rack up some massive rewards.

Snorlax and Aerodactyl will also return as Raid Bosses.

Bundles with Raid Passes are on sale (in-game shop).

For the first time, the Pokemon GO Community Day will feature a Gen 2 Pokemon, Mareep, the cuddly electric sheep.

  • Fernando Stephens